After 3 weeks in LA, I finally caught up to the “Great Food Truck Race” champion!!!!

Grill Em All Food Truck is truly the best food truck of all. With a menu of 6 burgers, there is something for everybody. My choice had the lethal cholesterol combo of cream cheese, beer infused sautéed onions, and BACON! Best thing about this place? One burger will fill you up! Worst thing about this place? The line! Apparently I’m not the only one that follows hamburger trucks around on twitter..

TIP: Forget the diet. Get the fries with truffle oil.

This ranks top 3 on Matt Bailey’s All Time Best Hamburgers. If you have a chance to eat here and you opt out, you will live in food hell forever!!!



LA June 20th: Poke Poke

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Possibly the most unique & tasty meal on the trip. Welcome to Poke Poke. Simple concept- fresh ahi tuna, avocado, kale, macadamia, tiny bit of fresh jalapenos, and other goodness all mixed together served on warm rice.

Right on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, this is the perfect beach snack/meal to keep you going. The window to the right has great bread pudding and Blue Bottle Coffee!#@@$#%

$10 for the bowl you see below.



Oh Sweet Lady Jane, if you are a real person your name must be Jesus. No pictures my “smart” phone will ever take will do this place justice. When I normally rather have a 2nd helping of the salty main course, this place makes me thing otherwise. Hold the steak, break me the pie!!!!

TIPS: Every slice of pie/cake is $7, but well worth it. They only have Tiramisu on the weekends and their french press is nothing to sneeze at either. Everything here is great.


LA June 16th: In N Out

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I’ll let the picture talk


LA June 14th: Dodger Dogs

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No trip to LA is complete without a visit to one of the oldest parks remaining in the majors- Dodger stadium. And since the stadium is absolutely boring and the team absolutely sucks, we better make it worthwhile by shoveling some all-beef Dodger dogs down our pipes.

TIP: Not working on Wednesday? Go for a mid-afternoon game and get food and drinks 50% off! These Dodger dogs were only $30! Kidding, try $3/each.


In the mood for some mexican? Let’s do it!

This little shack stuck in between 4th and 5th st. in Santa Monica is quite the dive. There are about 6 tables and the place is no larger than a small 1-bedroom apartment. Either way, they serve up a generous fish taco for $2.50 (seen below) and a healthy helping of fajitas.

TIP: Dining for 2? Share fajitas and get a few fish tacos! Leave happy and stuffed for a total of $20.



In the land of food trucks, you better believe we are going truck huntin’! Here are two worth mentioning, the Dim Sum Truck and the KO Truck. Both were contestants on the recent hit, “The Great Food Truck Race.” These food trucks are a great taste of whatever you may be hankering for, but be ready with plenty of cash- to really fill up you may spend more than you would at any diner.

In the pic, top to bottom: Atomic Shrimp Taco – this shit was spicy!

The KO Taco Truck itself

The Dim Sum Truck, Dash and myself ready to chow down!